Oasis Hydration Herbal Mouth Spray

Dry mouth or ‘cotton mouth’ is a common side effect of using cannabis or CBD-containing products, as well as many medications, medical treatments, and even general aging. Dry mouth, however, is more than a simple inconvenience or annoyance. If persistent, it can lead to health complications including dental caries, gum disease (gingivitis), halitosis (bad breath) and other oral problems.

That’s why Oasis Hydration Mouth Spray was formulated: to relieve the discomfort of dry mouth, naturally. Developed by a professional herbalist with over 20 years’ experience, Oasis Hydration uses Mother Nature’s herbal pharmacy to complement your cannabis remedy and counteract its side effects.

Oasis Hydration is made with organic botanical ingredients that support the natural salivation process, moisturizing and lubricating your mouth and creating a soothing oasis of hydration.

Organic & Sustainably Harvested Herbs   |   Gluten-Free   |   Vegan   |   Non-GMO   |   No Animal Testing